Managed Hosting

Hosting with Infolane ensures high reliability, excellent support, and peace of mind.

  • Hosting for Websites, intranets and extranets
  • Hosting for databases and Web applications
  • Hosting for E-mail accounts
  • Choose from managed and basic plans
  • Webmaster Suite site management tools
  • Domain name management
  • Secure server certificate management

Managed Hosting Plans

With managed hosting, we take an active role in your Website: content publishing, database maintenance and other services needed to keep your Website fresh, vital and functional.

Unmanaged Hosting Plans

Unmanaged plans give your technical people the Webserver environment necessary for a high-performance Website at an attractive price.

Hosting Server Technology

Having worked with a variety of server types and server operating systems, we determined long ago to utilize the best technical platform for Webservers in the world: Linux-based hosting with the LAMP stack of software services. As a result, Infolane has a long history of reliability and high-performance.

Uncrowded Servers with Ample Capacity

What's more, you're in good company when you host with Infolane. We have strong relationships with all our clients. We do not support spammers, or high-volume Websites of questionable repute. All our customers are legitimate businesses, non-profit organizations and local government agencies that require reliable, hassle-free hosting of their critical Websites.

Infolane Hosting Platform Built on Rackspace Cloud

Infolane's Webservers are located in the Cloud environment of Rackspace, Inc. We chose Rackspace as our upstream service provider because they are one of the nation's premier service providers, have facilities throughout the United States, and with more than 1,000 employees offer the best support services available anywhere. With Rackspace as our services provider we can, in turn, assure superb reliability for our customers.

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