About Infolane, Inc.

Building Websites and Serving Clients Since 1994

Infolane delivers Websites, Intranet sites and Web-enabled Applications that are interactive and highly functional, that solve the daily challenges of communication and productivity faced by people in business, government and organizations.

Too often, IT projects are hugely expensive, require substantial reorganizing of internal procedures, and which, at best, promise a financial payoff years in the future.

By contrast, Infolane develops Web-enabled applications that can often result in positive returns on investment in the year the expenditure is made. This is made possible by astute application of Internet-based, open-source technology. Read more about our Technology Strategy.

Infolane was founded in 1994, at the dawn of the commercial Internet. Since then we have built and serviced literally hundreds of Websites for business, government and not-for-profit clients.

"We build Web Sites and Web-enabled database applications that offer positive ROI in the year the expenditure is made."
–David Hillstrom, president

What Infolane Brings to the Table

We bring several things together in order to offer the best solutions in the industry.

  1. Experience

    With 23 years' experience, we've seen a lot, made our share of mistakes, learned from them, and we've had many, many successful projects under our belt. When you work with Infolane, all that experience is brought to bear on solving your problem.

  2. Business and Marketing Savvy

    Understanding business processes and marketing objectives enables us to perform the critical communication between you and our own technical staff. The result: projects that are appropriately defined from the outset, and deliver genuine benefits to the ultimate users.

  3. Open Standards, Platform Independent

    We utilize respected, widely available, non-proprietary software tools when developing web applications. Our clients use Windows, Linux and Unix servers and desktop systems. Our goal is to write software that runs anywhere, leaving the platform decision up to you.

  4. Extensive Code Library

    We have developed an extensive library of reusable code that enables us to develop new projects quickly and within budget.

  5. Commitment

    We are committed to each client's success. We take our role in that success very seriously.

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