Email & Newsletters

Online Marketing Programs and Services

Infolane works with clients to plan and implement email marketing initiatives that help drive sales, maintain contact with clients and increase traffic to the Website.

Inexpensive and Effective

You can't find a more cost-effective way to reach out to hundreds or thousands of people than through email marketing. Print mail is much more expensive. Radio and Television advertising is infeasible in smaller scales and business-to-business communications.

It's All About The Message

With email marketing your message is everything. It has to be relevant and eye-catching to get read. Infolane can work with you to develop a single piece or a complete campaign.

Permissions-Based, No Spam!

Permissions-based marketing means that people sign up to receive your information, or otherwise express interest in your organizations and its products or services. It also means that each message includes information on how to unsubscribe if the user so desires. We hate spam as much as anyone and will not participate in the delivery of spam messages.

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