Word Document Cleaner

Remove Unwanted Artifacts From Word Processed Documents

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Why Use This Tool

Documents authored in word processors, spreadsheets and other applications may contain non-standard characters that will appear as unattractive, strange hieroglyphics on your Web page. Apostrophes, smart quotes, dashes and certain special characters are typical examples.

This tool converts most of those characters into their closest ASCII equivalent, providing you with clean text to add to your Web page.

Here's how...

  1. Open your source document, and select the textual content you want. Use the copy command to load the content to your clipboard.
  2. Paste the content into the upper window on this page
  3. Select "Process Content"
  4. Select and copy the cleaned content from the lower window.
  5. Paste the content into your Web page
  6. Proceed to add your HTML markup

Tip for Windows Users

Learn and use these keystroke alternatives for basic copy & paste functions. It will speed up your work considerably.

Select All

(with cursor in source document
or in cleaned window)

Control - A

Delete Selected

(is copied to clipboard)

Control - X

Copy Selected

(is copied to clipboard)

Control - C

Paste Selected

(with cursor in destination document)

Control - V

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