Our Approach to Serving Our Clients

Our approach to every client project begins with gaining a solid understanding of the practical objectives that the client has in mind. We have two general approaches, depending upon the client's preferences and the project scope.

Expedited Approach for Fast-Turnaround Projects

  1. Discuss · Identify Goals · Action Plan

    We'll listen carefully to rapidly understand the clients goals, the market environment and the resource constraints, applying our experience and knowledge to the client's situation. We then help define the business and project goals to be served. That, in turn, enables us to map out a rapid-deployment action plan.
  2. Assemble Team · Build · Test

    We'll organize the team, from any combination of client staff, Infolane staff and third parties, and proceed to execute the action plan, testing and checking along the way.
  3. Launch · Support

    Making client launch time lines is extremely important. We move through the launch and on to continuing support of content, strategy and technology.

Comprehensive Approach for Major Projects

  1. Listen · Observe · Challenge · Understand

    The client articulates a problem to be solved and, perhaps, a desired solution. We'll listen carefully and ask a lot of questions. Talking together, we'll challenge the preconceived notions that parties (including ourselves) bring to the table, This is intended to help client and consultant arrive at a shared understanding of the goal.
  2. Plan · Propose · Assess

    What are the obstacles? What are the resources? How do current decisions limit future choices? The carpenter knows to measure twice and cut once. We know that good planning leads to better results with fewer surprises late in the development cycle.
  3. Organize · Manage · Develop

    Once the scope is determined and parameters set, Infolane organizes its resources, and any third party resources, to crisply execute the development tasks. Project review meetings occur regularly during the development process.
  4. Test · Review · Refine

    Extensive testing and debugging ensures high reliability when deployed. We — and the client — can test applications in our password-protected preview server.
  5. Implement · Measure · Adjust

    When a new project goes live, the work has just begun. Website traffic analysis offers insights into how the site is being used.
  6. Service · Support

    We don't just toss you the keys and wish you the best. Like you, we're in it for the long run. We provide ongoing support.for the Websites and database applications that we build. Services include technical support, Web site content updating, training, database maintenance and other essential tasks.
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