Technology Strategy

Our goal is to rapidly deliver highly functional, interactive Websites and Web-enabled applications that deliver extraordinary value to our clients. In many cases our clients will realize a positive first-year return on investment. In order to fulfill that goal we have developed these elements of our Technology Strategy.

1: Strive for Platform Independence

The Webserver might be Windows, Unix or Linux. And tomorrow a client may wish to change platforms. Platform independence means Web application investment holds its value through such a change. In order to maintain platform independence, we recommend that development be performed using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and Java, all are software programming languages that run on all the major platforms.

This is also why we develop sites in accordance with standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium. This ensures that our Websites are viewable on the widest range of operating systems and Web browser software.

2: Leverage Leading Open Source Software Tecnology

Our software development environment includes PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, and XHTML. Our production environment includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, the universally respected LAMP stack for Webservers. The breadth and quality of open source software is, today, widely recognized. The most prominent high tech companies in the world have embraced it. Google, IBM, Oracle and Novell are examples.

3: Develop a Reusable Code Base

One objective of our technology strategy is to compile a base of reusable code modules that can be recombined to support rapid development of new projects. This save our programmer's time and our clients money.

4: Keep the Authoring and Management Software on the Server

For security, maintainability, and control of costs, we place the management systems on the server, and do not require seat licenses or special software on client desktops. This means that clients can use our systems from computers running Windows, Macintosh, Linux or Unix. Further, they can log on from any machine that has access to the Internet, and that supports people who travel, work at home or work in the field. To do otherwise is to miss out on one the principal enabling aspects of Internet technology.

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